Management Agency

Lumenrock SC Property Management Services specialize in Management and Administration in

- Residential

- Home Owners Associations

- Share block

- Commercial

Benefit for Owners

Program BCM has been developed for the benefit of owners in


- Owners/Trustees can register by personal details

- Convenient, secure online access to minutes of meetings, rules, Insurance policies, monthly reports, levy ledgers.

Services rendered

- Preparation of levy

- Developers to register exclusive parking and garden areas

- Owners understand legalities of their Management Contract

Trustees AGM & General Meetings

- Meetings is always attended by a senior staff member

- Managing agent will guide Trustees

- Take minutes of meetings

Guidance to owners

Ensure that Management & Conduct Rules is available to owners

- Managing Agents can always be contacted in case of emergency after Business hours on weekend and public holidays.

Enforcement of Rules

Always be instances where action will be needed.

- Managing Agents under direction from Trustees will deal firmly and Swiftly with the registered owners.

Monthly Reports

For Trustees to make good decisions they need to be informed and Up to date.

- Trial Balance

- Balance Sheet

- Income and Expenditure

- Cash flow statement

- Age Analysis

- Overdue Levy reports

- Detailed Ledger income and expenditure